To live an unique experience on the trail and to prepare your roaming...


You wish to use the trail from Le Puy (via podiensis). Many documents are available:

- Le "Sentier vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle" Via Le Puy (in French) describes the itinierary and has IGN maps.

- The hiking guide Sur les pas de Saint Jacques (in French) will help you prepare your itinirary from Le Puy-en-Velay to Livinhac-le-Haut (Aveyron).

- The Compostela trails starting from Figeac may be search on Office de Tourisme de Figeac

- Flyer with information, transports, lodging on the GR65 - Conques and Figeac - 2020 update COVID-19

Conques is also a departure point of an alternative route allowing you to connect with another major pilgrimage site, Saint-Sernin basilica in Toulouse. Following part of the GR®65 than the GR®62B, you may then go on to the Via Tolosana. Go through the hiking guide « Le chemin de Conques à Toulouse ».

Carefull: Conques is also an arrival/departure point for another GR going towards Rodez and Meyruiès (GR®62) in the south of France.

To know about all the trails leading towards Santiago de Compostella, go onto  acir-compostelle.


Before starting, here are a few advices:

  • Book ahead your lodging: A reservation is compulsory for groups. For lone hikers, it is advised to book your lodging (24 hours ahead)
  • Book ahead your transport: A reservation is compulsory (24 hours ahead)
  • Weather: Dial the (00)+33 (0)8 99 71 02 12 to know the weather forecast in Aveyron.
  • Halts: In general, distances between halts vary from 17 to 25 km per day. However, kilometres are not always a good indicator as you may have to adapt to the drop of the relief. It is advised to program short distances at first.
  • SNCF Trains: Schedule information dialing 3635 or on (reach Conques from the train stations of Saint-Christophe, Rodez, Viviez-Decazeville).
  • Parkings: For a long stay, use the parking La Rivière (on the D901 -free area, 2km from the village centre, 1km from the pilgrims’ bridge). New rules apply for the town parking (parking of La Salesse - fee with automatic gates). Tourism buses are not allowed on the town parking. They must park at La Rivière after using the drop zone at the entance of the village (L’Etoile, on the D42).

Try as much as possible to use public transports to reach your hiking departure point or to leave from it.


The Route to Santiago de Compostela from Le Puy-en-Velay is nowadays organized, managed and controlled like a Big Hike or Grande Randonnée (white & red sign post markings - GR) to help you walk in comfort.

 It has a position and direction signage.


Collective transport (LUGGAGE & PILGRIMS)

You will find here the transporters along the GR65, the Bus line on the Conques-Marcillac-Rodez axis, the Transports on Request from the GR stops on our destination (for example,  until the train station of St-Christophe, the closest from Conques)

Bus (line 223) - Axis Conques-Marcillac-Rodez – Line on the Conques-Rodez axis from April 1st until October 31 (schedule chart)

Transport on Request (reservation required 24h before) – Towards some destination on precise days or until the Train station of St-Christophe (everyday for Brive-Paris train hours) - 2€ one way, 4€ return fee – Schedule and contact chart

For the transporters along the GR65, see the chart below.


Hike on the trail on different other ways!

Many possibilities:

 - For persons with physical disabilities : a joëlette (all-terrain monocycle) will allow you to hike with the help of two hike companions between Espeyrac and Conques.

 - By car along a discovery route, you may immerse yourself in the footsteps of the pilgrims (without tiredness)

- With a trained donkey as it will carry the younger children or luggage while rejoycing the group.



The trails are on protected and fragile lands. We ask you then to …

- stay on the marked trails,

- respect the cultures and animals, the fauna and the flora,

- close field gates and fences,

- pick-up your trash and bring it with you. Keep them until you find a trash can, recycling bin or collecting point,

- do not light up any fire,

- be an actor on the follow-up of the itinerary and of the environment in pointing out any problem regarding signing, trash… met on the GR65, and indicate it on arrival at the lodging, Town-hall or Tourism Office.

Shops & Services

Before Conques: In Sénergues

  • Butchery-delicatessen,
  • General food store,
  • Municipal post office

In Conques :

  • Bakery (April-early October),
  • Foodshop (every day in the high season ; in winter time, only on Wednesday and Saturday morning) in downtown, next of the Tourist Office, and Food supply shop (at the Campsite, April-September),
  • Municipal post office,
  • ATM (automated teller machine)
  • Charging point for electrical vehicles.

After Conques: In Noailhac  

  • Restaurant,
  • Food supply shop.


The religious services are celebrated by the Community of Premontres friars of Conques.

Find the hours of prayers and mass on:


The bedbug is an insect parasite, about 5 to 8 mm in size, brown to grey that lives in the beds (mattress), in the carpets…. Its sting or bite can create a reaction or even an allergy. The bedbug can travel inside your luggage without you being aware of it.

Here are a few essentials to prevent the bedbug from crossing your trail:

  • Check your bedding: if you notice black tiny spots, indicate them to your lodgers to they can take all the proper precautions
  • Avoid the put your bags, bag-packs and personal belongings on the beds
  • Report immediately any recent stings you had or the ones you had at night (lodgers, Tourism Office...)
  • Spray regularly your belongings with a repelant
  • Leave your shoes out of the sleeping area
  • Wash regularly your belongings in a washing-machine (60°C or more) and shake them outside.

For more information: chemins-compostelle


If you need help in your peregrination while staying connected, many Mobile Apps are available. Here are a few …


This App ensures your guiding and informs you on services (lodging, restaurants, visits...).

GOOGLE PLAY : "Chemin de Saint-Jacques"

APP STORE : "Chemin de Saint-Jacques"